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While there are a million ways to enjoy your cold-brew, here's our signature recipe to get you started in the right direction:


4oz. Single Fin Sludge

2oz. Organic Half & Half

3/4 - 1oz. Seaworth Organic Coconut Simple Syrup

16oz. Glass Mason Jar


Directions: Fill mason jar completely with ice and set aside.  Add Single Fin Sludge, half & half and simple syrup to a standard cocktail shaker and fill half-full of ice - shake vigorously for 10 seconds to combine ingredients.  Pour over ice and enjoy.  Now go surf.

*Mason jars are available on the canning isle of most major food retailers.  Why use them?  Not only are they classic and handsomely stylish, they're inexpensive, durable and cold-brew just plain seems to taste better when you drink out of one!

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